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Agroholding Vyborzhets is the largest supplier of vegetables and herbs in the Northwest region with the total territory of all enterprises of over 850 hectares. Its products are sold in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, Naryan-Mar, Vologda.

For many years Vyborzhets is an exclusive supplier of fresh vegetables and herbs for major retail chains. In 2000 it became Top-300 best agricultural enterprises in Russia. The company is equipped with the latest technological equipment from leading European companies and opens up new production facilities.



Vyborzhets is one of the largest representatives of the agricultural business, therefore, special requirements are set for the preparation of operational reports. In addition, industry specifics complicate the process of preparing reports – the calculation and analysis of yields is non-standard and complex. Accounting is carried out by several systems that do not allow the automatic generation of management reports without significant time investment and the risk of manual report preparation errors.

That is why our customer required a tool that would provide flexible analytics and at the same time would not affect business operations.

The holding’s management team was already familiar with Microsoft products, and based on this experience, as well as the recommendations of Awara IT, it was decided to choose Power BI. The tasks of automating data collection (“plan-fact”), calculating deviations, predicting development trends or deviations of a fact from the plan were solved.



The company’s management uses Power BI mobile on the daily basis to assess the current situation and achieve prompt decision-making.

  • Correct calculation of productivity issue is closed. Calculations are presented as dashboards and adapted for mobile devices, with customised design and colour scheme.
  • Production analytics. Dashboards with high-level indicators and key business indicators are prepared. Numerous reports have been developed on the quantity and quality of goods released per day, reports for a certain period.

The project is now on-going: financial reporting is being implemented, sales analytics are underway. It is planned to automate the preparation of reports on procurement management.